DPR working on Saturday, May 6th starting at 7:00 am on interior framing/drywall/taping.

Verdugo Projects

Central Plant #1 Expansion


This project anticipates expanding the Central Plant from its current approximate 500-ton capacity to an approximate 1500 ton capacity in anticipation of the construction of the Science Building and the David Viar Performing and Media Arts Center. The existing chillers lack both the capacity and efficiency to provide the necessary cooling for these two new buildings.


Project Completion: Under Construction – 95%

Status Update As of: 2/28/2023 (Last two week’s activities in bold)

  • 2/07: Flushing of cooling towers complete
  • 2/07: Installed louvers at screen wall
  • 2/10: Startup of all three chillers
  • 2/13: Removal of temporary chiller hoses complete
  • 2/13: Removal of chiller hose scaffolding complete
  • 2/13: Removal of temporary chillers complete
  • 2/13: Commissioning startup on site
  • 2/14: Removal of temporary electricity for temporary chillers complete
  • 2/18: Concrete cutting at dogleg to AU 04 complete
  • 2/18: Pot holing at switch back complete
  • 2/27: Pot holing report received


Under Construction 95%

Project Team

Project Manager Jim Youngblood, Gafcon, Inc.
Construction Manager John Theis,DPR Construction
Architect of Record Sean Rosebrugh,HMC Architects
Project Design Engineer Steve Yanke,AEI
Inspector of Record TBD