New Science Building: DPR working on Saturday, May 6th starting at 7:00 am on interior framing/drywall/taping.

Montrose Projects

Glendale Community College’s Professional Development Center (PDC), which is located at the newly designated Montrose Campus, is a recognized leader in providing contract workforce training. Its success has been enhanced by its desirable location and welcoming facilities. The recommendations outlined in the Facilities Master Plan seek to improve the utilization of this valuable facility by making better use of its available space and unique location in Glendale’s historic Montrose Town Center, which affords GCCD a highly visible presence in the community. The recommendations are also focused on maintaining the quality of all Campus facilities, while improving the learning experience they provide.

The recent acquisition of the property next door to the PDC, funded by Measure GC, has greatly increased the size of the Montrose Campus, opening the door to new opportunities for expansion and improvement.

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