All Campuses closed from Thursday (11/25) to Saturday (11/27) for the Thanksgiving Holiday Break.
Verdugo Campus: Thursday (11/25) through Sunday (11/28) – Domestic water line depression activities at the Verdugo Gym Expansion Project site to take place over a period of 4 days. These activities will begin at 7:00 AM each day; there will be minimal impedance on traffic entering or exiting the campus.
Verdugo Campus: Saturday (12/18) – Planned power outage for temporary power extension activities to the New Science Building Project site to take place at 6:00 AM for a duration of 12 to 16 hours. Generators will be provided for necessary Police systems, Administration Building IT servers, and Gym sporting events. Flag persons and barricades will be stationed between the New Science Building and Sierra Vista area for pedestrian safety and vehicle traffic; there will be minimal impedance on traffic entering or exiting the campus.

Bond Program

On November 8, 2016, City of Glendale voters approved the $325 million Measure GC Bond. The funds allocated under this measure have enabled the District to continue upgrading its educational facilities, add classrooms and instructional support space at the Verdugo Campus, the Garfield Campus, and the Montrose Campus.

The Measure GC Bond program is overseen by a Citizen’s Bond Oversight Committee. Details about the Committee can be found here.

Additional information on the 2016 Measure GC Bond Program, as well as on the earlier Measure G Bond Program from 2002, can be found here.

List of Capital Improvement Projects

As approved by the Board of Trustees in February 2019

Athletics and Kinesiology Expansion and Seismic Retrofitting

New Science Building and Ancillary Projects

Central Plant #1 Expansion (NSB dependent to CP Upgrade)

Instructional Building & Conference Center (IBCC) (formerly known as MDI)

Administration Building for Human Resources

San Rafael Renovations Second Floor

San Gabriel First Floor-DSPS Office Space

Welding Lab Alteration, Aviation Arts Building

Garfield Campus Property Acquisition & Parking Construction

Garfield Campus Mariposa Renovations

San Gabriel Second Floor Renovation for Math Department

Montrose Campus (PDC/Citibank)

District Storage Facility (To be included in NSB)

Safety & Security


Maintenance Capital Projects

Classroom/Lab Renovation Projects


Energy Conservation

Fire Academy Project (In partnership with the City of Glendale)

Verdugo Campus

Verdugo Campus

The District’s Facilities Master Plan translates Verdugo’s educational planning needs and identified campus issues into a series of facilities and site recommendations. These recommendations build upon the character and structure of the Campus, strengthen Glendale Community College’s identity and presence within the community and region, and fortify the Campus’ ability to maintain its focus on student learning and development.

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Garfield Campus

Garfield Campus

To ensure that current and future needs are met, the District’s Facilities Master Plan focuses on completing the development of the Garfield Campus, which opened its doors in 1990 and has grown ever since. The Plan recommends new facilities to keep pace with this growth, but the campus itself must expand before that can happen.

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Montrose Campus

Montrose Campus

Glendale Community College’s Professional Development Center (PDC), which is located at the newly designated Montrose Campus, is a recognized leader in providing contract workforce training. Its success has been enhanced by its desirable location and welcoming facilities.

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