Verdugo Campus: Monday, 3/8 – Concrete pour for Verdugo Gym Expansion Project site Northwest Retaining Stem Wall to take place from 6:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Concrete trucks will enter via N. Verdugo Rd.; flag persons will be stationed in the area and there will be minimal impedance on traffic entering or exiting the campus.

Verdugo Projects

Welding Shop Alteration, Tongva Building (fka Aviation/Art Building)


The former Fire Academy space in the Aviation/Art Building is being repurposed to support the Welding Program, thereby enabling it to accommodate more students and teach more welding technologies. This is part of a larger project that will also include the creation of a new machine technology laboratory containing heavy equipment such as industrial machine shears and plasma cutters. The larger project also includes electrical system upgrades. This renovation project will also include expanding the Welding Program to accommodate more students and teach more welding technologies.


Project Completion: Under Construction – 99%

Status Update As of: 2/15/2021 (Last two week’s activities in bold)

Status Update As of: 2/1/2021

  • Fire alarm close-out documents for the Tongva Building (AA Building) and Advanced Technology Center approved
  • Heater strip was installed
  • 2/01/2021: Anticipated completion of electrical connections to heat strips for the office and classroom
  • 2/01/2021: Anticipated completion of insulation of HVAC split system on building roof

Status Update As of: 1/4/2021

Status Update As of: 12/21/2020

  • Fire Alarm testing complete
  • Architect and Inspector issued APEX Punchlist; corrections in progress

Status Update As of: 12/7/2020

  • Electrical room cooling in progress
  • Punch list walk with Architect and Engineer completed on 12/7/2020
  • Welding booth snorkel connection near completion
  • AT Building fire alarm system test completed
  • Start-up and testing of units in progress
  • Punchlist items for fire sprinklers in classrooms and offices complete
  • Review of revised proposals for heating in classrooms and offices and air conditioning for electrical room
  • Inspector of Record began work on punch list items week of 10/19/2020
  • Proposed bracket detail for welding booth bracing approved
  • Finalizing of conduit rack, installation of snorkels, and canopy installation in progress
  • Permanent power to Welding Shop completed – breakers received in week of 10/05/2020; breaker installation included planned power shutdown
  • Electric conduit racking system in progress
  • Temporary power installed to welding booths and classroom
  • Welding booths and equipment received, installation in progress; Welding booth assembly complete
  • High voltage termination complete
  • Electrical feed to new electrical room to be terminated
  • Fire Alarm System 90% installed; Preliminary electrical installation finalized
  • Existing welding equipment relocated from old Welding Shop to renovated Welding Shop in Aviation/Art Building on 8/19/2020
  • Electrical panels and switches delivered on 7/31/2020; the feed to the units is in progress
  • Electric low voltage to be completed week of 8/3/2020
  • Dust collector unit installed; DC fan to be installed week of 8/3/2020
  • AA-Poured 30+/- yds. of concrete for Dust Collector and mechanical pad
  • ATC-Fire Alarm and device testing complete
  • Target completion: August 28, 2020


Under Construction 99%

Project Team

Project Manager Thomas Hughes, Cumming Corporation
General Contractor Sam Naguib, Monet Construction
Architect of Record Gus Galindo, Little Architects
Inspector of Record Hector Diaz, VIS Vital Inspection Services Inc.