Verdugo Campus: Dec 06 (T) – Dec 14 (W) – Trenching activities near south Auditorium Building entrance for Central Plant 1 Expansion Project. Access to southern double-door exit impacted; signage for alternative paths of travel is provided.
Verdugo Campus: Dec 09 (F) – Steel delivery in Lot H for Central Plant 1 Expansion Project to take place at 7:00 AM. Trucks will enter the site via the Circle Drive gate entrance on N. Verdugo Rd; area will be taped off.
Verdugo Campus: Dec 13 (T) – Dec 14 (W) – Crane mobilization and steel placement for Central Plant 1 Expansion Project. Access to Lot H parking will be impacted.

Verdugo Projects

David Viar Performing and Media Arts Center


The new multi-story Instruction Building & Conference Center (IBCC) will be a collaborative and cross-disciplinary environment housing classrooms; studio space for music, dance, film, television, and electronic media; performance space; faculty offices; and a conference center that will accommodate events of many types and sizes.

Glendale Community College’s strong programs in the performing arts are housed in aging and insufficiently sized facilities. The IBCC, being adjacent to both the Verdugo Gym and the Auditorium, will support collaboration and sharing of resources between these facilities and their programs. The Performance Plaza builds on Plaza Vaquero to accommodate the student population with outdoor places for gathering and engaging in activities at the center of campus.


Project Completion: Designing – 95%

Status Update As of: 11/15/2022 (Last two week’s activities in bold)

  • 11/28 – 12/05: Anticipated timeline of Division of State Architect (DSA) response of design
  • Relocation options of Memorial Oak Tree under review


Designing 95%

Project Team

Project Manager Jim Youngblood, Gafcon, Inc.
General Contractor Frank Ortiz, PCL Construction Services, Inc.
Architect of Record Kim Patten, Steinberg Hart
Inspector of Record TBD