DPR working on Saturday, May 6th starting at 7:00 am on interior framing/drywall/taping.

Montrose Projects

Montrose Campus (PDC/Citibank)


This project will complete the process of adapting the existing Professional Development Center (PDC) building for educational use, as well as adapting and integrating the recently acquired commercial property that is located on the adjacent parcel in Glendale’s historic Montrose Town Center. Signage will also be upgraded to make an instant visual connection with the architectural styles of the Verdugo and Garfield Campuses, while maintaining the historic charm of Montrose Town Center.


Project Completion: Programming Complete – 15% (Project on hold as of 01/29/2021)


Programming Complete 15%

Project Team

Project Manager Silva Sorkazian, Glendale Community College
General Contractor TBD
Architect of Record TBD
Inspector of Record TBD