Garfield Projects

Property Acquisition & Parking Construction


Completion of the land acquisition process is a recommended first step before expanding the Garfield Campus. The acquisition process involves purchasing properties adjacent to the existing campus and surveying the existing conditions. These important steps will set the stage for successful redevelopment of the property.

As a long-term solution to address parking needs, the idea of a parking expansion is being explored.


  • Reviewing RFQ/P status
  • Programming complete
  • Reviewing potential delivery method for project
  • Reviewing requests of storage and parking items from Users
  • Feasibility study shared and reviewed with Users
  • Reviewed revised conceptual design proposal with Garfield Campus Leadership
  • Received updated conceptual design proposal from Architect
  • Received revised proposal reflecting more green space; Architect to revisit with estimator and provide new proposal
  • Revising initial conceptual design to add more green space for CDC and faculty/staff use while maintaining 200 additional parking spots
  • Architect to provide 2-phase demolition versus partial demobilization options
  • Received additional fencing on 7/31/2020; installed mesh with GCC logo
  • Architect’s parking / landscape design presented
  • HAZMAT study completed for acquired properties to be demolished
  • Completed Topographical and Underground Utility surveys
  • Completed perimeter fencing of acquired properties; integrated informational content to fencing


Designing 15%

Project Team

Project Manager Silva Sorkazian, Glendale Community College
General Contractor TBD
Architect of Record Sherida Jeffrey, LandLAB, Feasibility Study
Inspector of Record TBD