Garfield Projects

Mariposa Renovation


This project includes repurposing ground floor space in the Mariposa Building to provide a Welcome Center, a one-stop Student Services Center, and a student lounge. Other portions of the space will be repurposed into full-time and adjunct faculty offices to address current needs and projected growth.


  • Carpet installation date TBD
  • Café cabinet fabrication complete
  • Tile, preliminary Fire Alarm, and lighting installations to begin week of 11/16/2020
  • Drywall installation anticipated for completion in the week of 11/16/2020; T-Bar ceiling framing and painting in progress
  • Fire sprinkler and Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) flooring installation beginning 11/9/2020
  • Engaging vendor for 2nd Floor elevator curtain repair
  • Relocating Mariposa 220 cubicles to renovated Verdugo Campus Library area
  • Tile installation and HVAC ductwork began week of 10/05/2020
  • Drywall installation, HVAC blocking supports, Drywall tape and finish from 303 to 315A, door frame installation, and preliminary electrical work in progress
  • T-Bar ceiling blockings for 1st and 2nd Floor complete
  • New non-load bearing wall framing on 1st Floor of the café complete
  • Ongoing activities include: Framing, electrical, and drywall installation through the next few weeks
  • Began HVAC ductwork on week of 09/21/2020
  • Completed Café concrete slab-on-ground on 09/16/2020
  • Underground plumbing complete
  • Completed non-load bearing wall framing and underground plumbing and inspection on 9/01
  • Demolition of select areas on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Floors complete; HVAC demolition in process
  • Beginning processes of non load-bearing walls installations, preliminary electrical installations, underground plumbing, and new HVAC duct work
  • Preconstruction meeting held on 7/27/2020
  • Demolition process began for 2nd Floor and 3rd Floor of building on 7/28/2020
  • 1st Floor demolition started week of 8/3/2020
  • Furniture and equipment located on 1st Floor has been relocated in coordination with ITS


Under Construction 85%

Project Team

Project Manager Silva Sorkazian, Glendale Community College
General Contractor TBD
Architect of Record James Moreto, Moreto, Mathison & Associates Architects
Inspector of Record Tony Castiglioni, VIS Vital Inspection Services Inc.