Verdugo Campus: Wednesday, 9/22 to Friday, 9/24 – Partial narrowing of a section of Campus Way between the Central Receiving Loading Dock area to the Verdugo/Towne intersection to 16 ft for New Science Building Project shotcrete activities taking place from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM for a period of 3 days. Trucks will enter from the Verdugo/Towne intersection and flag persons will be stationed in the area to guide one-way traffic; this activity will impede traffic entering or exiting the campus.

Garfield Projects

Mariposa Renovation


This project includes repurposing ground floor space in the Mariposa Building to provide a Welcome Center, a one-stop Student Services Center, and a student lounge. Other portions of the space will be repurposed into full-time and adjunct faculty offices to address current needs and projected growth.


Project Completion: Substantially Complete – 99%

Status Update As of: 9/1/2021 (Last two week’s activities in bold)

  • 9/8: Los Angeles County Health Department inspection of completed Café retrofit activities


Substantially Complete 99%

Project Team

Project Manager Silva Sorkazian, Glendale Community College
General Contractor Amir Movafegh, Legion Contractors, Inc.
Architect of Record James Moreto, Moreto, Mathison & Associates Architects
Inspector of Record Tony Castiglioni, VIS Vital Inspection Services Inc.