Garfield Projects

Garfield Parking & Landscape – Project Update History

Status Update As of: 1/31/2024: Final test & balance report is in and successful

Status Update As of: 1/24/2024: Received Tab report and DSA certification

Status Update As of: 1/17/2024: Wed Jan 17 TAB testing in progress

Status Update As of: 1/24/2023

  • Garfield Property and Landscape Construction 
    • Coordination of striping for pathway between Mariposa and Tropico Buildings in progress
    • Pending Notice of Termination (NOT) document from CA State Stormwater Board
  • Somerset Modulars
    • Pending Division of the State Architect (DSA) certification

Status Update As of: 1/10/2023

  • Garfield Property and Landscape Construction 
    • Bioswale area maintenance in progress
  • Somerset Modulars
    • Modulars in place and are in use

Status Update As of: 11/15/2022

  • Garfield Property and Landscape Construction 
    • 11/15: Garfield Parking and Somerset Complex Ribbon Cutting Ceremony held
  • Somerset Modulars
    • Handrail painting coordination in progress
    • Final install for fire alarm exterior horn strobes in progress

Status Update As of: 11/01/2022

  • Garfield Property Acquisition and Parking Construction 
    • 11/15: Planned date for project Ribbon Cutting ceremony
    • Hydroseeding activities for green spaces under Storm Water Pollution Protection Plan (SWPPP) review
  • Somerset Modulars
    • 11/01 – 11/03: Target timeline for completing fire alarm system activities
    • 11/07: Target date for final move activities to modulars

Status Update As of: 10/04/2022

  • Review and confirmation of Punchlist item completion in progress

Status Update As of: 09/06/2022

  • 9/02: Electrical breaker installation completed

Status Update As of: 08/23/2022

  • Pull box installation in progress
  • Project punchlist items review in progress
  • Beneficial Occupancy document received for Parking Lot

Status Update As of: 08/10/2022

  • Lighting poles installation activities in progress

Status Update As of: 07/19/2022

  • 7/18: Water and Irrigation Meter certification completed
  • 7/18 – 7/19: Modulars delivered to site
  • 7/29: Scheduled date for final inspection
  • Regrading activities for drainage functionality of area in progress

Status Update As of: 07/05/2022

  • 7/18: Target date of Allied Health Modular delivery

Status Update As of: 06/07/2022

  • 6/27: Allied Health Modular’ delivery
  • 6/28: Target date for Punch List walk
  • 6/30: Target date of substantial completion

Status Update As of: 05/17/2022

  • 6/27: Target date for modular delivery and installation

Status Update As of: 05/03/2022

  • 5/18: Target date for asphalt placement
  • 5/30: Target date for substantial completion Punch Walk

Status Update As of: 04/18/2022

  • 5/18: Revised target completion date
  • Trenching and telecommunication line installation activities complete

Status Update As of: 04/04/2022

  • Scheduling of user group meeting in progress
  • Project schedule review and update in progress
  • Coordination and planning activities for electrical power and plumbing to modulars in progress

Status Update As of: 03/21/2022

  • 4/15: Target date for completion
  • 4/16: Target date for vendor to deliver modulars

Status Update As of: 03/07/2022

  • 4/06/2022: Updated target substantial completion date

Status Update As of: 02/07/2022

  • 2/07: Temporary fire alarm connections in progress
  • 3/15: Target date for project completion

Status Update As of: 01/10/2022

  • Solar conduit path and trenching activities in progress

Status Update As of: 12/20/2021

  • No update

Status Update As of: 12/06/2021

  • Project approved by Division of the State Architect (DSA)
  • End of January 2022: Target date for substantial completion
  • Spring 2022: Target date for user use

Status Update As of: 11/15/2021

  • Electrical activities and system requirements of prospective equipment under review

Status Update As of: 11/01/2021

  • Awaiting Division of State Architect (DSA) approval to proceed with construction

Status Update As of: 10/18/2021

  • 10/8: Final acquired property demolished
  • 10/15: Lab testing proposals received
  • Scheduled meeting with City of Glendale Director of Public Works for sidewalk maintenance

Status Update As of: 10/04/2021

  • 9/27: HAZMAT survey completed; additional demolition activities to proceed pending final survey results
  • Interior Garfield Campus and construction site fence addition in progress
  • Processing of city permits and construction documents for telecommunications in progress
  • Division of State Architect (DSA) comments and backcheck appointment in progress

Status Update As of: 9/20/2021

  • 9/23: Target date for additional HAZMAT survey
  • Project plans in Division of State Architect (DSA) review; target date of response by end of September
  • Demolition processes nearing completion
  • Temporary Verizon generator removal complete
  • Curb painting for 3-min Loading Zone for Parent Support Center complete

Status Update As of: 9/1/2021

  • 8/28: Asphalt removal near Parent Support Center complete
  • Project site demolition: 70% complete
  • Project documentation under DSA review; anticipated response date – 9/30
  • Final property acquisition negotiation procedures in progress
  • Temporary relocation of Verizon generators approval processes and procedures under review

Status Update As of: 8/2/2021

  • 7/28: DSA Intake
  • 7/31: 100% DSA Drawing-Spec Package received
  • 8/2: Start of demolition of selected properties
  • Power disconnection effort complete; soft disconnection of water complete
  • Potential telecommunication utilities relocation options under review

Status Update As of: 7/19/2021

  • 7/12: HAZMAT surveys and abatement of remaining vacant properties
  • Week of 7/19: Target timeline for demolition activities
  • Week of 7/19: Target completion timeline for tree and vegetation removal
  • Disconnection of utilities of selected properties in progress

Status Update As of: 6/21/2021

  • 6/14: Architect presentation of Schematic Design package completed
  • 6/17: Soil testing completed
  • Week of 6/21: Target date to receive boring and percolation test findings
  • Week of 6/21: Site walk with vendor to confirm tree and vegetation removal and schedule
  • Week of 6/28: Anticipated receipt of final report
  • 6/28: Start of abatement procedure
  • Finalizing eminent domain negotiations

Status Update As of: 5/17/2021

  • 5/19: HAZMAT abatement survey conducted
  • Flyer for community notification in progress

Status Update As of: 5/03/2021

  • 5/04: Completed formal Kick-Off meeting with Design Build Entity – Menemsha/MMA Architects
  • Contract review discussions and pre-demolition considerations in progress

Status Update As of: 4/19/2021

  • 4/06: Completed interview of prospective Design Build Entity (DBE)
  • 4/19: Completed introduction and coordination meeting of selected DBE – Menemsha/MMA Architects

Status Update As of: 4/5/2021

  • 3/26: Proposals from prospective Design Build Entities (DBE) received

Status Update As of: 3/15/2021

  • RFP due date: 3/19/2021

Status Update As of: 3/1/2021

  • 2/24/2021: RFP has been posted
  • 3/19/2021: Bid due date

Status Update As of: 2/15/2021

  • No update

Status Update As of: 2/1/2021

  • GCC posted project RFQ/P in week of 2/1/2021

Status Update As of: 1/4/2021

  • No update

Status Update As of: 12/21/2020

  • Week of 12/14/2020: Additional securing of acquired property units and fencing material installed

Status Update As of: 12/7/2020

  • Reviewing RFQ/P status
  • Programming complete
  • Reviewing potential delivery method for project
  • Reviewing requests of storage and parking items from Users
  • Feasibility study shared and reviewed with Users
  • Reviewed revised conceptual design proposal with Garfield Campus Leadership
  • Received updated conceptual design proposal from Architect
  • Received revised proposal reflecting more green space; Architect to revisit with estimator and provide new proposal
  • Revising initial conceptual design to add more green space for CDC and faculty/staff use while maintaining 200 additional parking spots
  • Architect to provide 2-phase demolition versus partial demobilization options
  • Received additional fencing on 7/31/2020; installed mesh with GCC logo
  • Architect’s parking / landscape design presented
  • HAZMAT study completed for acquired properties to be demolished
  • Completed Topographical and Underground Utility surveys
  • Completed perimeter fencing of acquired properties; integrated informational content to fencing