Verdugo Projects

Kinesiology and Vaquero Athletic Complex – Project Update History

Status Update As of: 2/28/2023

  • Kinesiology & Vaquero Athletic Complex 
    • 2/08: Punchlist and closeout corrections in progress
    • 2/16: Concession Building hardscape pressure wash completed
  • PE Student Locker & Shower Building
    • 2/06: Exterior waterproofing installed
    • 2/07: Steel Installation complete
    • 2/10: Steel Welding complete
    • 2/10: UnderSlab / UnderGround Plumbing installed
    • 2/18: Structural Steel Roof Framing complete
    • 2/24: Underground plumbing complete
    • 2/28: Retaining wall extension poured

Status Update As of: 1/24/2023

  • Kinesiology & Vaquero Athletic Complex 
    • Building commissioning closeout pending Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing (TAB) consultant review of boiler pumps (in progress)
    • 1/30: Scheduled date for concrete pressure washing Concession Building hardscape area
    • Building Management System (BMS) graphics sent to contractor for review and updates
    • Additional drywall in reclaimed water room replaced
  • PE Student Locker & Shower Building
    • Strip formwork activities in progress
    • 1/27: Crane on project site for 2 weeks

Status Update As of: 1/10/2023

  • Kinesiology & Vaquero Athletic Complex – Under Construction 99%
    • 12/22/2022 Performance Lighting training complete
    • 12/27/2022: Existing Gym concession window installation complete
    • 01/17/2023: Scheduled date for wheelchair lift inspection
    • HVAC system Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing (TAB) report in progress
  • PE Student Locker & Shower Building
    • Construction activities on hold due to rain

Status Update As of: 11/15/2022

  • Kinesiology & Vaquero Athletic Complex – Under Construction 99%
    • 11/15: Light poles on fire lane installed
    • Project close out and Punch List activities ongoing
    • Vendor wall pad vinyl samples will be submitted for review
    • Portable Volleyball System replacement pads installed
  • PE Student Locker & Shower Building
    • Second concrete placement to be scheduled

Status Update As of: 11/01/2022

  • Kinesiology & Vaquero Athletic Complex 
    • 11/02: Target date for receipt of concrete placement quotes for ramp area planters
    • 11/04: Target completion date of Concession Stand ramp guardrail
    • Week of 11/21: Target timeline for exterior traffic coating completion
    • Feb 2023: Target timeline for Concession Stand structure window fabrication
  • PE Student Locker & Shower Building
    • Week of 10/24: Concrete wall placement activities for Student Locker Building structure completed
    • Concrete imbeds placement logistics for Student Locker Building structure in progress

Status Update As of: 10/04/2022

  • Increment II: Under Construction
    • 10/5: Target completion date for plexiglass wall graphic covering
    • 10/19: Target date for guardrail installation at Concession Building ramp area
    • Feb 2023: Concession Building window fabrication
    • Closeout log itemization in progress
    • Review and confirmation of all IT/AV items having been procured and installed in progress

Status Update As of: 09/06/2022

  • Increment II: Under Construction
    • 9/06: Ramp from Athletic Complex area to east Sartoris Field ramp placed
    • 9/06: Scheduled date of plexiglass wall graphic covering installation
    • 9/12: Target date for ADA Ramp completion
    • Amphitheater railing concrete fill in progress
    • Concession Building flat hardscape (non-ramp) completed
    • Close-out status checklist under review
    • Concession Building progress Punchlist in development
    • Practice Volleyball System floor sleeves and covers installations coordination in progress

Status Update As of: 08/23/2022

  • Increment II: Under Construction
    • Condenser unit cage installation complete
    • Call box reinstallation complete
    • Amphitheater railing extension complete
    • Temporary fencing removed
    • ADA path of travel signage posted

Status Update As of: 08/10/2022

  • Increment II: Under Construction
    • 8/10: Target date of Testing and Air Balancing report
    • 8/11: Target date of refrigeration of Exterior Condenser Unit
    • 8/25: Target date for completion for hardscape and Concession Building
    • 8/19: Target date of Locker Room rebar cage completion
    • Exterior weight room fan installations complete
    • Tiling activities complete

Status Update As of: 07/19/2022

  • Increment II: Under Construction
    • 7/14: Sitewalk of Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire designer punch list items
    • 7/19: Start-up of existing gym existing boiler
    • 7/21: Fire alarm control panel room update
    • 7/22: Air balancing testing
    • 7/22: Installation date of exterior condensing unit
    • 8/31: Target date of Concession Building completion
    • Set-up of all major equipment completed

Status Update As of: 07/05/2022

  • Increment II: Under Construction
    • Medium gas pressure line installation complete
    • SoCal gas meter installation complete
    • Reclaimed water meter installation complete
    • Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing field reports signoffs in progress
    • Chilled water report received
    • Flushing chilled water lines in progress
    • Elevator inspection activities in progress
    • Potable water chlorination report received
    • Fire alarm test room descriptions update in progress
    • Flow test and tamper switch testing in progress

Status Update As of: 06/07/2022

  • Increment II: Under Construction
    • 6/10: Target date for medium gas pressure line installation
    • 6/10: Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing field reports signed off by General Contractor
    • Wall logo pads submittal and delivery activities in progress
    • Schedule review in progress

Status Update As of: 05/17/2022

  • Increment II: Under Construction
    • Commissioning checklist items in progress
    • Elevator punch list activities in progress
    • Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing punch list items finalized
    • Flushing of chilled water lines completed
    • Ice machine installation to chiller lines completed
    • Landscape grading proposal received
    • Project user group punch list walk scheduling activities in progress

Status Update As of: 05/03/2022

  • Increment II: Under Construction
    • 5/05: Target date for consolidated punch list items of turnover spaces
    • 5/05: Target scheduled date for reclaimed water meter installation meeting with Glendale Water & Power
    • Contractor commissioning items updates in progress
    • SoCal Gas meter coordination in progress
    • Conference Room hardware coordination in progress
    • Boiler installation completed

Status Update As of: 04/18/2022

  • Increment II: Under Construction
    • Compiling Punch List items for project closeout in progress
    • Engineering gas line meter in progress; target installation week of 4/25

Status Update As of: 04/04/2022

  • Increment II: Under Construction
    • May 2022: Target completion date of exterior weight room and Astroturf
    • Schedule review and project closeout planning processes in progress
    • Engineering processes for utility lines and new equipment in progress
    • Engagement with commissioning vendor in progress
    • Weight room, ice machine, and electrotherapy equipment delivery complete
    • Graphics installation for gym floor and entrance to existing gym in progress
    • Fan delivery in progress

Status Update As of: 03/21/2022

  • Increment II: Under Construction
    • 3/21: Site walk to review underground utilities and boiler connections in progress
    • Elevator pathway status review in progress
    • Concession Building shoring activities in progress
    • Weight room equipment delivery complete; outdoor weight room flooring in progress
    • Ice machines delivery complete
    • Graphics installation for new gym area lower-level corridor, locker room, and weight room completed; press box area started
    • Laundry units delivered; installation activities in progress

Status Update As of: 03/07/2022

  • Increment II: Under Construction
    • 3/04: Heavy weight bags installed
    • Week of 3/07: Anchoring of assembled Weight Room equipment
    • Week of 3/08: Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS) installation in progress
    • Week of 3/08: Installation of bleachers
    • 3/08: Concrete placement activities in Concession Building area
    • 3/08: Review of engineering items and finalize planned work with SoCal Gas
    • Team Room and Multi-purpose Room turned over for classroom use
    • Interior Weight Room flooring installed
    • New Gym flooring installation complete

Status Update As of: 02/07/2022

  • Increment II: Under Construction
    • 2/14: Start of rubber flooring activities in weight room
    • Fire Lane concrete placement activities nearing completion
    • Gym flooring installation complete; target date for sanding, striping and sealing completion – End of February
    • Existing boiler replacement contract completed
    • Division of the State Architect (DSA) approval of Concession Building roof connection and anchorage in progress
    • Elevator installation complete
    • Conference room sliding glass door sensor wiring for touch pad operation in progress

Status Update As of: 01/10/2022

  • Increment II: Under Construction
    • Identifying and coordinating remaining furniture delivery and installations in progress
    • Updating finalized Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) Matrix in progress

Status Update As of: 12/20/2021

  • Increment II: Under Construction
    • PE Storage Room infill activities complete
    • Furniture installations in progress
    • Base mold and sealing of floors in select offices complete
    • Main Floor office suite floor base installation complete

Status Update As of: 12/06/2021

  • Increment II: Under Construction
    • Week of 12/06: Target completion of lower-level window frame and glazing activities
    • Concrete placement at the Amphitheater complete
    • Week of 12/06: Gym flooring preparations in progress
    • Week of 12/06: Lighting and power activities nearing completion
    • Week of 12/06: Target completion of moveable storage installations
    • 12/06: Stub conduit installations for forthcoming Instructional Building and Conference Center (IBCC) Project
    • Level 1 office furniture installation complete
    • Weight room ductwork activities complete
    • Mechanical equipment connections in progress
    • Exterior guardrail installations on balcony area complete
    • Lower-level tile grouting nearing completion

Status Update As of: 11/15/2021

  • Increment II: Under Construction
    • 11/15: Furniture delivered
    • 11/15: Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) flooring delivered; floor preparations on second level in progress
    • Week of 11/15: Lower-level weight room and training room window framing activities starts
    • 11/30: Target start date for furniture installation
    • 12/30: Target Substantial Completion date of North Gym area
    • Decorative concrete redesign completed; completion schedule in progress
    • Medium voltage testing completed
    • Office ceiling tile installations in progress
    • Gym exterior Quarry Tile installation on the gym complete
    • Washing machine bases installed
    • Exterior Amphitheater concrete activities in progress
    • Exterior concrete activities on balcony completed
    • Guardrail installations in progress

Status Update As of: 11/01/2021

  • Increment II: Under Construction
    • Installation of fire alarm devices in the existing gym complete
    • Decorative concrete with the stairs and sidewalk ramp area in progress
    • Exterior lighting electrical conduit installation on North side of project site complete
    • Building exterior lighting installation complete; interior lighting in progress
    • West storage walls of Gym nearing completion
    • Tile installation is complete; target date for grouting activity completion mid-November
    • New Gym 1st level bathroom fixture installation in progress
    • Quarry tile installation in progress
    • Moveable storage units’ installation in progress
    • Draper curtain design approved; awaiting Division of State Architect (DSA) approval
    • Room numbering floorplan shared with users for existing gym office keying

Status Update As of: 10/18/2021

  • Increment II: Under Construction
    • Road base installation for north Fire Lane completed
    • Concrete installation over chilled water line and domestic water lowering in progress
    • Existing Gym decorative concrete sidewalk activities completed
    • Exterior glazing on 1st level completed
    • Painting, ceiling grid, and tile installation on 1st level completed
    • Storage room wall activities in new gym nearing completion
    • Floor tile installation of new gym lower-level nearing completion
    • Concrete activities on south side of project site in progress
    • Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS) on elevator tower and upper area of the gym are complete; lower-level activities have begun
    • Moveable storage unit installations for ice machines in progress

Status Update As of: 10/04/2021

  • Increment II: Under Construction
    • 10/2: Scaffolding removal complete
    • Fire water line trenching in progress
    • Start of tile installation on lower-level bathroom and locker rooms
    • Painting of New Gym ceiling and walls complete
    • Building of storage room walls in progress
    • Upper-level offices ceiling tile installation in progress
    • Clay tile roofing installation in progress
    • Concrete footings for wheelchair lift and stairs in the Concession Stand area complete
    • Additional locker room and shower building configurations submitted to Division of State Architect (DSA) for review
    • Graphics received and conducted final finishing user group presentation

Status Update As of: 9/20/2021

  • Increment II: Under Construction
    • Week of 9/20: Target completion of acoustical wall panels
    • Week of 9/20: Decorative concrete activities on Verdugo Gym entry area
    • Drywall installation is complete on upper and lower levels
    • Painting of the gym ceiling and upper walls nearing completion
    • Initiated framing of storage room walls
    • Upper-level Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS) activities complete; target completion of elevator tower area by end of September
    • North Fire Lane grading complete
    • Upper-level window frames installation complete
    • Installation of metal deck for Concession Stand roof complete
    • Began north side roofing tile activities
    • Exterior ductwork installation complete

Status Update As of: 9/1/2021

  • Increment II: Under Construction
    • Week of 8/30: Target completion of drywall tape and finish
    • Week of 8/30: Start of tile installation on lower-level locker room and restrooms
    • 9/3: Concrete pour activity for Amphitheater
    • Painting in the east end of Verdugo Gym complete
    • Began wall and ceiling painting in the new gym
    • Upper-level interior window activities complete
    • Upper-level exterior window frames installed; awaiting glass delivery
    • Fire sprinkler corrections are complete
    • New soffit in weight room framing complete
    • Began grading and concrete work on north fire lane
    • Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS) in the north elevation complete; west wall and elevator tower in progress
    • Amphitheater waterproofing and backfill activities complete
    • Vendor submission of graphic renderings in progress

Status Update As of: 8/2/2021

  • Increment II: Under Construction
    • 07/30: Initial Amphitheater concrete footing placement completed; this work will continue through August
    • Week of 8/2: Target completion timeline of painting in the existing gym area
    • Week of 8/9: Target timeline of interior window installation
    • 8/13: Target completion date of existing gym floor refinishing
    • Drywall installation nearing completion
    • Scoreboard and Basketball net installations in new gym area are completed
    • Flooring quotes and estimates for striping under review
    • Power switch location FA Control items under review
    • Furniture selections finalized
    • Move of FF&E items scheduled for 8/9 and 8/10

Status Update As of: 7/19/2021

  • Increment II: Under Construction
    • Week of 7/19: Start of lower-level duct work
    • Week of 7/19: Start of existing gym painting; target time of completion: 1 week
    • 7/20: Bore drilling completed
    • Drywall activity on upper-level nearing completion; lower level in progress
    • Revisions to North Lobby construction activities submitted.
    • Amphitheater concrete footing placement completed.
    • North side exterior sheathing has been completed
    • Received elevator equipment; anticipated arrival of glazing – week of 7/19
    • Basketball framing installation complete
    • Furniture selections and graphics design revisions and review in progress
    • Move management proposals under review

Status Update As of: 6/21/2021

  • Increment II: Under Construction
    • 6/21: Drywall in north Gym area in progress
    • 8/15: Target date for existing Gym beneficial occupancy
    • Mid-October – November: Target date for providing user access to existing Gym area
    • 11/5: Target date for substantial completion of north Gym
    • December 2021: Target completion of project
    • Ceiling framing north of elevator area in progress
    • Soil recompacting activities for footing installation in progress
    • FF&E layout refinements and move management review in progress
    • Graphic design renderings and pricing received
    • Coordination of IT/AV item installations in progress

Status Update As of: 5/17/2021

  • Increment II: Under Construction
    • 5/18: site walk for utility rack tracks completed
    • Week of 5/17: Beginning of drywall activities
    • Preliminary low voltage installation near completion
    • New shower room layout has been selected; drawings to be sent for DSA approval
    • Coordination for site walk with graphic design vendor after drywall installation in progress

Status Update As of: 5/03/2021

  • Increment II: Under Construction
    • Week of 4/26: FF&E backing layout completed
    • Week of 5/10: Beginning of drywall installations
    • Preliminary in-wall utilities installation nearing completion
    • Roofing activities on Lower Roof nearing completion
    • Updated northeast Shower Room layout selected
    • Plan check submission of Student Locker room/Shower area to the Fire Department under review

Status Update As of: 4/19/2021

  • Increment II: Under Construction
    • FF&E coordination and move management items in progress
    • Graphic design proposals received
    • Sanding of drywalls in north gym area in progress
    • Fire Alarm installation in north gym area in progress
    • Preliminary low voltage electrical items for lower and upper decks ongoing
    • 4/12: Site walk of PE locker room area with General Contractor
    • 4/16: Completed Amphitheater footing wall concrete pour

Status Update As of: 4/5/2021

  • Increment II: Under Construction
    • 3/26: Roof framing for Concession Stand structure completed
    • 3/29: Beginning of Amphitheater footing
    • 4/07: Concrete pour for Amphitheater footing completed
    • Week of 4/05: Start of interior wall framing for Concession Stand structure
    • 4/05: Beginning of elevator shaft framing
    • 4/09: Planned power outage for building power connection to San Fernando Complex switch
    • 7/09: Target completion for North Wing

Status Update As of: 3/15/2021

  • Increment II: Under Construction
    • Revised schedule discussions in progress
    • Waterproofing installations ongoing
    • Shade structure steel erection in progress
    • 3/18: Target completion  of framing of shower wall & ceiling
    • 3/18: Temporary chiller disconnected and removed
    • 3/17: Target completion for preliminary low voltage electrical installations
    • 3/11: Concrete pour near elevator and amphitheater retaining wall
    • 3/24: Beginning roof framing of Concession Stand structure

Status Update As of: 3/1/2021

  • Increment II: Under Construction
    • Framing of shower wall & ceiling in progress; target completion: 3/18
    • 3/8/2021: Concrete pour for northwest stem wall
    • 3/17/2021: Target completion for preliminary electrical activities for upper and lower decks
    • Chilled water lines installed; temporary chillers scheduled for removal on 3/18
    • 3/24/2021: Target completion of roof framing for Concession Stand

Status Update As of: 2/15/2021

  • No update

Status Update As of: 2/1/2021

  • Increment II: Under Construction
    • 1/20/2021: Grade beam grout work completed
    • 1/27/2021: Concession stand walls concrete pours completed
    • 2/01/2021: Concrete pour for shower area completed
    • 2/04/2021: Framing of the concession stand roof in progress
    • 2/10/2021: Target completion date for preliminary Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing

Status Update As of: 1/4/2021

  • Increment II: Under Construction
    • Framing on parapet wall on lower roof near completion
    • Installation of upper roof is complete
    • Roof transition area from the original Verdugo Gym and the New Gym Building in progress
    • Interior Fire/Life/Saftey (FLS) and HVAC operations in progress
    • West side stem wall foundation in progress

Status Update As of: 12/21/2020

  • Increment II: Under Construction
    • 12/22/2020: Completed Gym striping and logo work session with users and Architect
    • 12/18/2020: Concrete pour for Concession Stand completed
    • Preliminary Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Sprinklers in progress through 12/18/2020
    • Framing of footings around site wall and parapet at lower roof in progress/pending CCD approval
  • Seismic Upgrade: Completed

Status Update As of: 12/7/2020

  • Increment I: Complete
  • Increment II: Under Construction
    • Concrete pour for Concession Stand area scheduled for 12/15/2020
    • Architect and Structural Engineer site walk conducted on 12/7/2020
    • Shoring installed week of 11/9/2020
    • Pouring concrete of foundation scheduled for 12/7/2020
    • Plumbing for the concession stand began week of 11/23/2020
    • Scheduling of User Group meetings related to ducting, offices, striping, drop net design, lockers, FF&E, and room numbering in progress
    • Conducted site walk with users on 10/08/2020
    • Exterior installation finishing system in progress
    • Chilled water pipe installation complete
    • Metal decking in progress
    • Structural steel erection continues along upper high bay canopy; Metal stud framing layout in progress
      • Framing of footings around site wall and parapet at lower roof nearing completion
      • Installation of roof drain in progress; target completion date – 12/10/2020
      • Door installation at on upper and lower deck in progress; target completion 12/11/2020
      • Main gym roofing scheduled to begin on 12/9/2020; target completion date – 12/30/2020
      • Steel framing on west side to began week of 11/23/2020
      • Pouring concrete of staircase and mechanical curbs completed 11/20/2020
      • Pouring concrete of lower roof mechanical curbs completed 11/2/2020
      • HVAC installation on lower level in progress
      • Excavation for concession stand began week of 11/2/2020; target concrete pour date: December 2020
      • Plumbing installation began week of 11/2/2020
      • Decking for lower roof section installed
      • North wing of existing gym demolition in progress (interior lobby area); Forming and re-bar for retaining wall, planter, and grade beam in progress
        • Replacing ducting with individual exhaust fan units
      • Preliminary Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing in progress through 12/11/2020
      • Structural steel elevation on North elevation – section 1; Target completion: 10/08/2020
      • Sequence 1 steel erection began on 9/08
      • High bay complete
      • Canopy 85% complete
      • Metal stud framing at high bay 75% complete; metal stud framing at basement in progress; metal stud framing of upper and lower deck – estimated completion date: 12/1/2020 and drywall in progress
      • Sprinkler and preliminary plumbing on lower level in progress
  • Seismic Upgrade: Under Construction
    • Fire alarm and fire sprinkler system installation pending drop ceiling completion
    • Interior demolition for Fitness Center complete
    • North wing preliminary electrical, plumbing, and fire sprinkler installation in progress
    • North wing welding stabilization in progress
    • Lower roof patching scheduled for week of 10/05/2020
    • Demo of North interior of existing gym – Target Completion: 09/22/2020
    • Lower roof demolition complete
    • Patching existing high roof – Target Completion: 10/02/2020
    • Demolition for team locker room/bathrooms in progress
    • Interior demolition for Fitness Center – Complete
    • Completion of patch work on the wall and ceiling as well as North Wing demolition on 9/11
    • Installing fire protection system in existing gym
    • Roofing to start week of 8/10/2020
    • Fire protection in weight room completed
    • Fire sprinkler installation in progress; re-installation of ceiling, including lighting, to begin week of 8/17/2020