DPR working on Saturday, May 6th starting at 7:00 am on interior framing/drywall/taping.

Verdugo Projects

San Gabriel Renovations‐Math Department Relocation


The second floor of the San Gabriel Building will be renovated to accommodate the relocation of the Math Discovery Center and classrooms from the Arroyo Seco building. This project also includes the reorganization of science and math instructional and support space in the San Gabriel and Camino Real buildings. These buildings will undergo upgrades to extend their lifespan and implement improvements that will achieve campus-wide objectives for accessibility, sustainability, energy efficiency, signage and wayfinding, and safety and security.


Project Completion: Designing – 95%

Status Update As of: 2/28/2023 (Last two week’s activities in bold)

  • 2/06: Design team meeting to review project status and schedule
  • 2/16: IT/AV/Furniture Requirements meeting held
  • 2/27: User Group and IT Group Final design coordination meeting held


Designing 95%

Project Team

Project Manager John Leopardi, Gafcon, Inc.
Construction Manager John Theis, DPR Construction
Architect of Record Sean Rosebrugh, HMC Architects
Inspector of Record Ted Lamoureux, TYR, Inc.