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Entertainment Technology Academy EnTech


11/15/2023: Project Complete

11/8/2023: No update

11/1/2023: No Changes


ENTECH or the Entertainment Technician Program, is meant to train GCC students in the work it takes to set up for live entertainment events.  This includes mounting stages and setting up lighting and audio for concerts, theater productions and other live performances and events.  The ENTECH Program will work closely with IATSE to provide opportunities to our students who may look for future work with the union. It will lead to certificates that students can use on their resumes and will ensure they have the skills and knowledge required for this work.


Construction 100%

Project Team

Project Manager Clifford Gimbert, Glendale Community College
Construction Manager Clifford Gimbert, Glendale Community College
Architect of Record David Balian, Balian Architects
Inspector of Record Tony Castiglioni, VIS Vital Inspection Services Inc.